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From: David Poole
Subject: Try me for free,
There is no coincidence that some driving instructors are earning more money than you.

*You can forget about area.
*It's not about experience.
*They are not luckier than you.

It's all to do with skill, and I want to help you in a way never seen before in the driving school profession. 

Today I am giving you my assistance, for absolutely free. 


Because I want you to have the option to spend more time with your family. It's no accident that ADI's who earn more money, work less hours.

Do you want?

*More family time
*Less stress
*Fewer hours on the road
*Fewer clients needed
*More money

Overall you get a better work life balance. 
So join me today.
I'll email you in a minute and in a moment you can have a glance at my VIP area.
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