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From: David Poole
Subject: ADIs deserve to earn more
There is no authority, no "go to" person, when it comes to needing the best advice to develop your school.
You pass part 3 and you are left to fend for yourself, while there is some information shared on a few social media channels, what competitor is going to share the best advice? None!

If you want to aim above average and bring home the money you and your family really deserve you have got to seek out an expert and let's face it they can be pretty pricey. 

But I have been helping ADIs for 10 years, small and big schools, independents, nationals, automatic schools and those who specialise with intensive lessons and under 17's. 

Today I want you to have access to my training vault, over 80 videos designed just for you. All my experience, all the top earning strategies and wrapped up in a way you can start using right now. 

You work long hours, it's a hard job, and it's about time you were rewarded with a great business and the cash you want to earn.

Great for bigger profits, going indy, recruiting ADIs, driving school websites, marketing for fleet training, 
and so much more!
I have split it into sections.

     Show you inside the members area
     A little bit about David and who he has helped (why choose me)
     What can you expect to gain
     3 critical marketing errors ADIs make that cost £1000s
     A section for ADIs who are already indy
     Followed by a section for schools looking to recruit ADIs
     The part about ADIs who want to go independent
     The £10K extra profit bonanza
     Money back guarantee
"a look at what is on offer and how you will benefit"
You will agree this is stunning value and a not to be missed opportunity for any successful ADI
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"Driving Schools are making 3 critical Marketing errors"
Here are the three secrets you must acknowledge now.
  • Marketing is not just whacking out an advert
  • If you think marketing is about special offers you are wrong
  • Many think marketing is easy...but are losing £1000s
If you just want bums on seats
Then you may as well do a massive deal (I hope it doesn't kill you)
Hand on heart, 
what was the last marketing book you read?
And when was the last time you measured your marketing?

You do not need to be an academic to be great at driving school marketing, far from it, but please don't be a sap and think marketing is just advertising, promo deals and is easy to do. Because the people who think that are usually the ones who could be earning a lot more money.

How many times do you see on Facebook ADIs telling other ADIs to go indy, "it's easy, all you need to do is slap an advert on Facebook." They have good intentions, but that's where it ends.
Any mug and get bums on seats, but don't tell me you are going to be satisfied with non committed learners who want to drive in the fewest hours possible at the lowest rate.  

And this is why ADIs get marketing wrong, time after time, after time. Top ADIs have invested their time and money in learning in knowing what works, how to use it and when. The ADIs in your area who are charging more than most are not their because they are lucky, it's because they learned how.

If you want to do this properly, take a few moments to understand the key differences and you will fly.

"So why choose me?"
10 years in the business and 100s of ADIs helped
John Lendrums video testimonial talks about going from working on his own to having a large and well established driving school
You can trust me 100% and here are a few of my achievements.
  • Held 3 of my own ADI conferences 
  • My last conference had 268 registered ADIs and PDIs
  • Given webinars to ADIs that have been watched over 20,000 times
  • Been flown to Australia to give a keynote speech to the ADTA 
  • ADIs visit me in France for MASTERMIND workshops
Photos include 2 different ADI/PDI workshops in France, an audience shot of the first conference I put on and a flyer for the Australian event I was paid to speak at.
"This section is for ADIs who are already indy"
A new way to marketing your driving school
Easy marketing to blow away your competition
  • Let me show you how to go beyond the top prices in your area
  • Learn how to use new marketing techniques that take zero time
  • See how you can create an army of people willingly promoting your driving school all year round
  • Understand how you can easily tap into the local community to bring you a huge amount of pupils
  • Start to stand out from the crowd like no other driving school
All this, from the ADI VISIONARY membership area...
With a bit of easy guidance, absolutely any driving instructor can make a lot more money and you can enjoy the fruits of your work...  
... with virtually NO investment! 
Come on, tell me, when you started out as a driving instructor it wasn't just for the love of helping people was it. Sure, it's an important aspect but we all need to make a living and driving instructors deserve a decent break!

There are way too many instructors charging ridiculously low prices, but it is not their fault. The reason why ADIs on the whole don't ask for a decent price is because they do not know how.

What you will see or hear are the excuses of, people won't pay more, other schools charge too less, and there is the classic line of, "people in our area can't afford it".

And I do not blame any ADI for thinking that way, after all what business and marketing training have you received? The vast majority of ADIs believe marketing is just an advert to pull people in...and they are so wrong. They are the ADIs with the low prices.

But the thing is, once you grab the basics of marketing it isn't difficult. Today you have the opportunity to charge the most in your area, and if you are already there let's get that higher still. 

Just a fifty pence increase will raise your profits by around £1000 a year. So what if I helped you raise your prices by fifty pence every 3 months for the next year. 
Take these "baby steps" with me, and look to earn an extra £4000 a year from four small £0.50p increases.
You can do this!

Imagine earning an extra £10,000 a year
And in just 3 minutes those easy to use tactics are yours!
Now imagine £10k over 3, 4 and 5 years.
An extra £50k!!!
It's the sort of money people dream about, yet it is within your reach! I'm not messing here, this is serious stuff, are you up for it?  What would you do with that sort of cash?

Let me show you how...right now. 
I'm not going to use any extreme examples, just the average driving instructor.

Would you agree in your area the difference between the lowest price driving lessons and the highest price could be £6 or £7? So the average driving instructor is just £3 or so above the lowest price,  and £3 an hour below the highest. Is that fair to say? 

So it's also fair to say the average driving instructor could earn an extra £3 an hour more. 

Let's go one step further,  
Is it ok to presume some instructors have waiting lists and yet others are 10-15 hours short each week? I'm going to suggest every driving instructor is 5 hours a week's just an average, you do your own sums.

On the basis the driving instructor is charging £25 an hour, I claim that with my help you will find those extra 5 hours - an extra £125 a week.  
I also claim you will be able to increase your prices by £3 an hour, that is another £120 a week, £245 in total.

I claim that the average driving instructor is losing out on £12,000 each year. 

"Making your driving school into a magnet for aDIs"
The simple fact is, the vast majority of driving schools do not know how to recruit new driving instructors.
Making pupil recruitment a walk in the park
  • Understand exactly what an ADI wants (It's not what you think)
  • How to position your driving school so you are the "go to" school in the area ADIs seek out for help and support
  • Making more money from few ADIs
  • Get to know the right recruitment process which helps create commitment, regular payments and a happy feeling.
Do you know the biggest mistake driving schools are making?
And I'll tell you now, all failed schools make the same major error
You already know the story of how many driving school franchises start. The ADI has a regular excess of pupils and wants to make a bit of money. 

You start thinking what it would be like to have 5, 10 and 20 ADIs on the road, the money it will bring to your family, and as you daydream you fall in love with the fantasy of having this school. I love a dream...

...but many of these dreams fall apart.
Let me just list a few problem points.

How do you make yourself attractive?
How do you get ADIs knocking on your door?
How do you put yourself in a position where you do not have to sell yourself?
How can you avoid being cheap?  
How do you make this worthwhile.

The answers are in the members area.
Don't get trapped by BS franchise deals
Its not because you care, it's for profit...sort it out!
Every week I see someone wanting to create a "low cost family franchise" call it No Thrills or's crap and it kills your family...let me tell you more.

The only reason you should be looking to build a driving school franchise is to make money, a low cost driving school franchise helps no one in the long run. It promotes low prices, it puts the pressure on you to deliver, and you will never get proper commitment. 

You and your family do not deserve or warrant to be messed around and that's what you will get when you start knocking out your services on the cheap. And you will never make any money from it.

If the stress doesn't get you first then the tax man will.
It really is not worth it.
Let me go into detail and demonstrate how you can build a driving school that commands a decent franchise fee and not an anchor around your neck. Join ADI Visionary today.
What if I told you, you can earn £500 a week from a driving school franchisee
Let me show you what looks like crazy talk into an absolute money spinning reality
£500 a week for a driving school franchise, 
who is going to pay that?
...I hear you say

I don't know what the average driving school franchise fee is in your area, lets say £80 a week. You are going to have to recruit 6 ADIs to get near the £500 a week franchisee. 

Is this going to be for everyone? No.
Are the barriers to entry a little higher?
Yes, but reasonably achievable. 

Could you imagine earning £75,000 a year would mean for you, and that's just 3 franchisees. Now, if you have not already seen my membership area comes with a money back guarantee, so what are you waiting for? Can you see the huge return on investment you will get from joining, and there is no risk to you!

"This section is for ADIs wanting to go independent"
ADIs that don't make proper plans to go indy can lose £1000s
How to leave your driving school franchise without any of the worries
  • I show you exactly what you need to go independent and it's a lot more than just pupils.
  • Get to know the costly mistakes which can cost ADIs £1000s when gong indy, and learn how to avoid those pitfalls.
  • Discover how to get all the pupils you need without discount lessons and at the top prices in your area
All this, from the ADI VISIONARY membership area...
I've helped loads of people leave their franchise
I have the skills you need to launch a fulfilling and profit boosting careeer.
In recent times we have seen an increase of new learner drivers and it's led to driving instructors dropping their franchise. As they all smash head first into the deep end, some swim and do well, others sink and go back to the life raft of what is a driving school franchise.

It's great to be an independent driving instructor, but anyone who tells you it's easy is mad. The buck stops with you, end of! And while you think you might be saving let's say £80 a week, as soon as your diary is 5 hours down, you could be £150 a week out of profit. 

That saving of £80 you thought you were making is now a £3500 a year loss! Read that twice!
And it can happen in a blink of an eye.

I'm not trying to put you off going Indy, 
I just want you to do it right.

I don't want to see people losing money hand over fist, the pressure it create is enormous, so if you are thinking of doing this on your own join ADI Visionary. You have all the marketing and sales training you will ever need. Join today. Dot it now.

You will learn how to have an endless stream of pupils coming into YOUR driving school.
Can you imagine how good that would feel right now?
Just have a look at Paul Kenney, 
Paul bought the ADI Visionary Membership and also some videos I had professionally made. On the back of posting one of the videos he bought from me he was able to sell a 30 hour intensive driving course for £900.

Paul is just one example.
Why does it work for Paul?
Well he takes action...will you?
Increase lessons prices and ramp up your profit without losing pupils
  • Let me show you the low hanging fruit
  • You can earn an extra £1000 a year with just one small tactic 
  • See how to increase prices and find more pupils
  • Pupils will not need to leave
All this, from the ADI VISIONARY membership area...
You might be thinking...
"Where I live is different, people can't afford it"
If that was the case a 2 week holiday to Ibiza, a train ticket, airport car parking, or an iPhone would have different internet prices based on where you live. It doesn't happen like that at all, does it. 

I have worked with driving instructors in the most affluent and the poorest areas of the UK, where a 10 mile distance has seen a difference in £10 in price but still my marketing works.

In short you can forget the notion your area is poor, because everyone will pay an extra £2 to £3 if they could see the difference. It's not even the price of a bag of chips and a battered sausage! Or if you prefer a Starbucks, that's all we are talking about. The difference between your current price and the price I will help you to sell at.

Don't tell me you can't do this, you can!
Make your driving school UNIQUE to your area and so deliciously tempting to those new learner drivers.
Most driving schools look and say the same, let's make you stand out
Imagine you are a pupil, and you are looking for driving lessons.
What makes you different to the next driving school?
Many learner drivers can't decipher the quality of a driving school, and that forced driving lessons prices...down through the floor. 

But you can learn how to stop this profit hammering mistake! I will show you how to stop your massive discounts and show you how to increase your prices without risk. 
Your school can be so different to any other and because you will be adding so much value at no extra cost to your school, learner drivers will flock to your driving school!
Be like Kevin Graham who added on average an extra £14,000 a year using my methods
Take The £10k Profit Boost Challenge
you will be surprised how well you can do
  • Simple and effective - use tried and tested strategies my clients have been using for the last 10 years
  • Quick and easy - You can literally start straight away and get quick results
  • Be the #1driving school in your area - And be so proud of your fantastic achievements
Earn £10 more per hour than other instructors
Yes you read that correctly
Speak to my clients like Kevin Graham and John Lendrum and they will tell you some of their competition are as earning as much as £10 an hour less than they are! Incredible!

That's a £20k a year difference.
So tell me what makes them any more special than you?
Other than the fact they took action.

And no, they are not in rich areas!
If that was the case why would some people be charging as much as £10 an hour less?

Why can't you do the same?
Do you at the very least deserve a crack at it? What if you fail and only increase your prices by £3 an hour!
Wow, that's £6000 a year...nice failure!!!

The £50 An Hour Driving Lesson
Yes you read that correctly
Sounds crazy - right?
But I know you can do it on your area today.
I first started this in 2016,
working with a driving instructor who was moving area who needed to earn as much money as he could. 

Understanding that a full diary may take 1 month to build it's a long time without any income, or a low one, with that in mind I devised the £50 an hour driving lesson 
and I will share that strategy with you in the membership area.

I know what many ADIs are thinking "some schools charge £15 an hour in my hour, £50 will never work" Well, you are just a few minutes away from proving yourself wrong! 

Why my techniques are a great way to making the kind of money we're talking about...
Because the training videos I will share with you are used successfully by my clients
My strategies have been proven -- over and over -- to be some of the very best ways to start making extra money as a driving instructor. 

And better still, one of the most important reasons people are in love with this approach is because you get to make money while following your passions!

     Charge £10 an hour more - Know how to ask and receive the extra income you deserve. 
     Learn how to pay for advertising after the purchase - learn how to pay for advertising, after learner drivers start buying your lessons and not before! 
     Discover easy strategies - Use simple marketing methods, that are so easy to do, and have astonishing results. 
     Safeguard your income - Learn how to avoid those costly marketing mistakes. 
     Market like no other driving school - Learn how to get people in your car, like no other driving school does.  
     Stop those half price lessons - Know how to find people who buy on quality and not price.  
     Make your life easier - Marketing is not about bums on seats, see how you can get the customers. 
     Tried and Test Methods - You don't need to be a marketer and think of your own ideas.

So do you have to continue spending money?
I'm going to show you how to be really smart so you can stop throwing away your cash.
I am going to show you ways to market your driving school without you needing to spend a penny. I will also show you quick, easy and effective marketing strategies where you can use your franchise fee and put it to better use.
Why spend £60+ a week on a franchise that just offers pupils and low prices they set and you can't change?
How Much David? Sounds Great!
Less than a car air freshener
I want to get the content out to as many driving schools as possible so collectively we can raise the prices together by using intelligent marketing. 

Giving great value to the client is important and so is your family, they deserve all the benefits and financial support you can bring.

All I ask for is a small one time payment of £20 followed by £2 a month for the up keep of the membership site. That's it. What can you get for £20? It won't even get you into to most half day training courses that are over and forgotten by lunch time.

I'm offering you a route to a yearly profit increase of £5k to £10k and more. All I want in return is a small off payment less than a cost of an hourly driving lesson plus £2 a month to keep the membership site open.

So are you with me?
Seriously, what have you got to lose?
And there is so much to gain.
Super Bonus - Worth £37

I am also going to give you my eBook which started my career in the driving instructor profession, Marketing 4 Driving Schools.

This is an in depth look at how you can boost your marketing efforts over night and has been the basis for many success stories. 

First written in 2008 and last updated in 2013, Marketing 4 Driving Schools sold at £37 and is as fresh today as it ever has been.

Download your free bonus copy from the members area.
100% Money Back Guarantee

I am so confident you are going to love what I have to share with you, I am also offering you a money back guarantee. If for some reason what I share with you, and what has worked for my clients over the last 10 years is somehow unsuitable for you, just let me know and I will refund you. 

This is a 30 day money back guarantee, giving you plenty of time to get started.

100% NO RiSK
So whatever your thoughts so far,
if you are thinking "hmm is it worth it?" or thoughts such as "do I already know what David has to share?" 

For the sake of £20 and a money back guarantee there is no worry and 100% no risk.
The Bottom Line

  •  £1000 a Year Extra: if you charge £25 an hour, just one extra pupil from this my marketing support gives you massive returns
  •  £2000 a Year Extra: Just 1 extra pupil per week with a 2 hour lesson at £25 an hour will give you a £2500 pay rise
  •  £5000 a Year Extra: Only 2 pupils with 2 hours a week each at £25 an hour will give you a massive £5000 a year profit boost.
This is just an example of what you can earn, and the figures are not elaborate. They are well within reach of what you can earn...and you know it!

All for the sake of a small one time investment of £20 and then £2 pcm for the upkeep of the membership site. 
Can You Afford Not To?

Even with a small profit increase of £1000 to £2000 a year,can you afford not to take part? And of course you have a money back guarantee! 

There is no risk for you at all!
You can now be part of the solution that increases prices, increases your profits and gives the respect the driver training industry deserves. 
How Will You Use Your Extra Income?

It is a serious question to ask.
If you are earning an extra £5-£10k a year
how will you spend it?

Extra training to enhance your skills?
The holiday you and your family deserve?
A deposit for a house?
A new kitchen?

It is your choice, and it is the choice you will get when you take action. 
ADI Visionary
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