*** How Driving Instructors Can Earn An Extra £10k A Year ***
Are you trying to increase prices but find some driving schools too cheap
Do you start fresh every Monday, fail, then vow to start again with the same old methods?

You need to learn the new business and marketing skills no driving school is talking about, helping you to increase demand, cut costs, and making you bullet proof from cheap deals. This changes everything. 
Watch the video or read the text below!
What's On Offer?
Why Is This So Important To You?
Today you have a life changing opportunity to 
increase the profits of your driving school by £5,000 to £10,000 a year and I want to show you exactly how!

My name is David Poole and since 2007 I have been working with driving schools all over the world increase their profits. Over 8000 driving instructor follow me, I have put on 3 driving school conferences with the last selling 268 tickets and my webinars are always watched and viewed over a 1000 times.

Today I am going to share with you my inner most marketing secrets that have the power to transform your earnings and with it your lifestyle.
You can imagine the difference an extra £5k to £10k will bring in one year, now think about that sum for the next 3 years.

  •  Marketing: Be faster, smarter and more effective
  •  Sales: Turning callers into bookings like night follows day
  •  In Car Business Skills: Maximising your profits
  •  Standards Check Training: Maintaining your skill set
  •  How To Pass Part 3: What every PDI craves
Today you can join gain access to my training vault, a membership only area designed with one thing in mind, to help you earn an extra £10,000 a year.

As of May 2018 there are over 80 expert videos with over 20 hours of support, ready for you to access 24/7.
Trainers include myself, Shirley Palmer, David Hyner, Adrianne Carter, Kul Mahay, Martin Leather and many more to come! 

You might be thinking...
...Your area is different to anywhere else and it's impossible to increase your prices. 
If that was the case a 2 week holiday to Ibiza, a train ticket, airport car parking, or an iPhone would have different internet prices based on where you live. It doesn't happen like that at all, does it.

I have worked with driving instructors in the most affluent and the poorest areas of the UK, where a 10 mile distance has seen a difference in £10 in price but still my marketing works.
I'm proud of my achievements... 
but I'm not telling you all of this to brag.
I'm telling you this because one of the most dangerous things you can do if you want to develop your driving school is to put your faith in someone who has good intentions, and a few decent strategies and techniques... 

... but has NO REAL CLUE about the TRUE insider techniques that will get you the number of learner drivers you need and the profit you want - Making money over and over again. (I have working with ADIs since 2008)

Just a quick trip to social media and you will find countless, well meaning ADIs offering support, but not knowing why it works, and why it fails. You can read messages such as "websites do not work" and "all you need are recommendations". Tell that to the rest of the world who run massive companies based on successful marketing campaigns.

You have to be honest with yourself, do you want to learn from a man in the pub or a professional who has worked with 100s of schools  for more than 10 years?  
Now imagine that over 3, 4 and 5 years.
An extra £50k!!!
It's the sort of money people dream about, yet it is within your reach!

Let me show you how...right now.
I'm not going to use any extreme examples, 
just the average driving instructor.

Now would you agree that in your area the difference between the lowest price driving lessons and the highest price could be £6 or £7? 
So the average driving instructor is just £3 or so above the lowest price, 
and £3 an hour below the highest. Is that fair to say?

So it's also fair to say the average driving instructor could earn an extra £3 an hour more. 

Let's go one step further, 
Is it ok to presume some instructors have waiting lists and yet others are 10-15 hours short each week?  I'm going to suggest every driving instructor is 5 hours a week short...it's just an average, you do your own sums.

On the basis the driving instructor is charging £25 an hour, I claim that with my help you will find those extra 5 hours - an extra £125 a week. 
I also claim you will be able to increase your prices by £3 an hour, that is another £120 a week, £245 in total.

I claim that the average driving instructor is losing out on £12, 250 each year!
Can you see why I can boldly say I can help you create a £5-£10k increase?
If you do not agree with my sums, try your own!

You will learn how to have an endless  
stream of pupils coming into 
YOUR driving school.
Marketing is easy to do wrong. Today you can discover how to make 
straight forward changes to your current marketing strategies
to make sure you get the learner drivers you need.

Many driving schools spend £100’s on advertising and marketing
only for it to never truly succeed and often make massive losses!

Whether it is a snazzy promotional campaign, advertising in the local newspaper,
some whizzy internet advertising, 
or the broken promises of an internet directory salesperson,
your hopes are normally dashed.

Today you can stop those costly mistakes.
So do you have to continue 
spending money?
I am going to show you ways to market your driving school without you needing to spend a penny. I will also show you quick, easy and effective marketing strategies where you can use your franchise fee and put it to better use.

Why spend £60+ a week on a franchise that just offers pupils and low prices they set and you can't change?
Make your driving school UNIQUE to   
your area and so deliciously tempting 
to those new learner drivers.
Imagine you are a pupil, and you are looking for driving lessons.
What makes you different to the next driving school?


Many learner drivers can't decipher the quality of a driving school,
and that forced driving lessons prices...down through the floor.
But you can learn how to stop this profit hammering mistake!
I will show you how to stop your massive discounts and 
show you how to increase your prices without risk.

Your school can be so different to any other and because you will be adding so much value at no extra cost to your school, learner drivers will flock to your driving school!
Here's just a small selection of people 
I've helped boost their driving  school business.
Unlike so-called "gurus" who actually know next to nothing about driving schools, students, coaching and running a business... 

... I've got real, concrete proof that absolutely any driving instructor can make more money with my help, regardless of your personal situation. 

Every day I get emails and messages from people who are have "chock-a-block" diaries and no discount lessons in sight, thanks to the strategies I've packed into my training program.
Here is the proof.

Kevin Graham  (Carlisle)- He was in a local driving school franchise charging £22 an hour and doing a 30 hour week.  He moved over to work with me and 5 years later Kevin is still working with me, he is the most expensive in his area at £32 an hour and for the last 4 or 5 years he has constantly had more than 40 hours of lessons a week and a 3 month waiting list. (And yes, people are actually waiting!)
Here is the proof.

Jane Calverley  (Swindon)- Jane was in and out of a franchise, one was at £99 a week and offered 10 driving lessons for £100 to learner drivers. Jane was quick to make a move to my services, 5 years later she is still working with me, has had a full diary all the time and charges a top rate for her driving lessons without offering crazy discounts.
Here is the proof.

Pete Leach  (Worcester)- After following me for a couple of years Pete came to my driving school workshop in France in 2013. He went home, was able to increase his prices to the top rate, has built his own driving school and Under 17 driving school and still works with me to this day.

Here is the proof.

Stuart Davies  (Stockport)- Stuart was with a national driving school, they couldn't supply him with the pupils he needed. He now works to a full diary, charges a price he is very happy with, reduced his costs and he insists he buys me a beer at every Driving Instructor Business Summit. He has been to the last 3.

I am living proof that the average person can stop banging their head against the steering wheel and become undeniably successful. After all, I helped driving schools turn an average £600 weekly income into a £1000 a week money spinner in just a few months!

I have more success stories than any other. And as you read a little about some of the success stories in this letter, remember that every single one of them was EXACTLY where you are right now... wondering if they should take that leap of faith. Over 10,000 Instructors will read my emails, to take advantage of my proven strategies. 

In just one of these examples, Kevin Graham earned an extra £1,500 in just 1 month of trading, using techniques like the ones I'm about to show YOU... That works out to an average of £18,000 a year... 

How different would YOUR life be with an extra £250 a week?
And the really amazing thing is that Kevin's success is just one of many other success stories I have from people who are currently using my help.

I'm talking about people like Harry Graeve (Melbourne)... Martin Leather (Tottenham)... James Orgar (Hampshire)... Jane Taylor (London)... Geoff Capes (Stockport) People who had too few students, and too many discount lessons... but are now living lives of very content driving instructors - not worrying about the price of fuel or their next holiday...and some of those are building their own successful franchises!

People who often knew LITTLE about marketing. Believe me, I've seen the EXACT same spot you're in right now... The stress of fuel bills... of financial uncertainty... of pulling out hair and praying that no more "unforeseen circumstances" would drop on the doorstep and ZAPP THE LIFE out of what little was left in the bank. But it doesn't have to be like that. 

With a bit of help, absolutely any  
instructor can make more money... 
... with virtually NO investment! 
My customers wish that during their own years of financial uncertainty, they had known the secrets you're about to learn today. 
Instead, many bought generic business development books, sometimes spending hundreds of hard earned cash on a technique or workshop that turned out to be a dud.

But YOU don't have to make those costly errors -- I've done the groundwork for you! 
And as a result, you're about to learn how to stop those profit SMASHING discount lessons, get more appointments and get paid an income you deserve!

Am I saying that if you follow these strategies I'm about to share with you, all of your financial woes will be solved overnight? 
No, of course not. 
There is NO magic pill for becoming a successful and profitable business overnight.
And there will never be. 

What I am saying is, it's very normal that only a short time after driving school instructors start working these methods, they see the drip, drip, drip of extra money. And later, it becomes a steady stream. 
And after a couple of months...... Well, you read the headline. After a few months, you might be like Kevin Graham, who makes an extra £1,500 a month -- Just by working smarter and not harder!
The £50 An Hour Driving Lesson
Yes you did read correctly. The £50 an hour driving lesson.
Sounds crazy - right?
But I know you can do it on your area today.

I first started this in 2016, 
working with a driving instructor who was moving area
who needed to earn as much money as he could.

Understanding that a full diary may take 1 month to build
it's a long time without any income, or a low one,
with that in mind I devised the £50 an hour driving lesson
and I will share that strategy with you in the membership area.

Earn £10 an hour more than other ADIs
Speak to my clients like Kevin Graham and John Lendrum and they will tell you some of their competition are as earning as much as £10 an hour less than they are! Incredible!
That's a £20k a year difference.

So tell me what makes them any more special than you?
Other than the fact they took action.
And no, they are not in rich areas!
If that was the case why would some people be charging as much as £10 an hour less?

Why can't you do the same?
Do you at the very least deserve a crack at it?
What if you fail and only increase your prices by £3 an hour!
Wow, that's £6000 a year...nice failure!!!
Why my techniques are a great way to making the kind of money we're talking about...
My  strategies have been proven -- over and over -- to be some of the very best ways to start making extra money as a driving instructor. And better still, one of the most important reasons people are in love with this approach is because you get to make money while following your passions!
Discover EXACTLY what these simple marketing methods are...and how you can start earning more profit during the next five minutes!
  • Charge £10 an hour more Know how to ask and receive the extra income you deserve. 
  •  Learn how to pay for advertising after the purchase - learn how to pay for advertising, after learner drivers start buying your lessons and not before! 
  •  Discover easy strategies - Use simple marketing methods, that are so easy to do, and have astonishing results. 
  •  Safeguard your income - Learn how to avoid those costly marketing mistakes. 
  •  Market like no other driving school - Learn how to get people in your car, like no other driving school does.  
  •  Stop those half price lessons - Know how to find people who buy on quality and not price.   
  •  Make your life easier - Marketing is not about bums on seats, see how you can get the customers. 
  •  Tried and Test Methods - You don't need to be a marketer and think of your own ideas.

What Will You Receive?
The offer of all of my help looks great doesn't it?
But how do you get started?
What is my service going to look like to you?

I had 2 options.
Option #1 The first was to charge a high price, a very high price and only work with a limited number of people. 

Option #2 But I want to reach out to as many ADIs as possible. I want the whole driving school profession to have the means and expertise to increase their prices so everyone gets a fee they truly deserve for the services you offer. This is driver safety...not teaching the piano. You deserve to be well paid, so I have chosen Option 2.

You are going to get high impact training, month in, month out and it won't cost much more than a loaf of bread..! 
My Marketing Video Vault
You will receive membership access to my video vault, where I talk directly to you through a series of highly focused training videos. And because it's a membership site, I can continually update and add to the content.

There are 3 types of video.

Journey videos - where I explain in depth driving school marketing strategies, how to use them, and listing examples you will have already seen in action outside the profession. You are going to lap up the content and really see how to make a huge difference in quick time.

Short snippets - Sometimes it is great to totally zone in and spend a good hour or so learning the best marketing for your driving school, yet other times you want quick and fast action facts, the short snippets are just that. These videos will allow you to laser focus on what is required so you can take fast action.

Interviews - I am bringing in lots and lots of different experts to directly help you in a way the driving school profession has never seen before. 
How Much David? Sounds Great!
I want to get the content out to as many driving schools as possible so collectively we can raise the prices together by using intelligent marketing. Giving great value to the client is important and so is your family, they deserve all the benefits and financial support you can bring.

All I ask for is a small one time payment of £20 followed by £2 a month for the upkeep of the membership site. That's it. What can you get for £20? It won't even get you into to most half day training courses that are over and forgotten by lunch time. 

I'm offering you a route to a profit increase of £5k to £10k and more.
All I want in return is a small off payment less than a cost of an hourly driving lesson plus £2 a month to keep the membership site open. 

So are you with me?
Seriously, what have you got to lose?
And there is so much to gain.
100% Money Back Guarantee
I am so confident you are going to love what I have to share with you, I am also offering you a money back guarantee. If for some reason what I share with you, and what has worked for my clients over the last 10 years is somehow unsuitable for you, just let me know and I will refund you. This is a 30 day money back guarantee, giving you plenty of time to get started.

100% NO RiSK
So whatever your thoughts so far, 
if you are thinking "hmm is it worth it?"  or thoughts such as "do I already know what David has to share?"  For the sake of £20 and a money back guarantee there is no worry and 100% no risk.
"Keeping Your Focus"
£50 Value
I am adamant in making sure you get the very best use out of my videos, what I do not want you to do is take up my offer and then forget about it.
With that in mind, for the next 6 months I am going to send you one email a week.

Each email is going to ask you a question about your driving school business.
You see, my membership site is for action takers.
People who want to progress, but I recognise sometimes you need regular contact, so just one little email each week will be sent out for you to ponder over. 

The Bottom Line
  •  £1000 a Year Extra: if you charge £25 an hour, just one extra pupil from this my marketing support gives you massive returns
  •  £2000 a Year Extra: Just 1 extra pupil per week with a 2 hour lesson at £25 an hour will give you a £2500 pay rise
  •  £5000 a Year Extra: Only 2 pupils with 2 hours a week each at £25 an hour will give you a massive £5000 a year profit boost.
This is just an example of what you can earn, and the figures are not elaborate. They are well within reach of what you can earn...and you know it!
All for the sake of a small one time investment of £20 and then £2 pcm for the upkeep of the membership site. 
Can You Afford Not To?
Just the small profit increase of £1000 to £2000 a year, 
can you afford not to take part?

And of course you have a money back guarantee!
There is no risk for you at all!

You can now be part of the solution that increases prices, increases your profits and gives the respect the driver training industry deserves. 
How Will You Use Your Extra Income?
It is a serious question to ask.
If you are earning an extra £5-£10k a year
how will you spend it?

Extra training to enhance your skills?
The holiday you and your family deserve?
A deposit for a house?
A new kitchen?

It is your choice, and it is the choice you will get when you take action. 
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